Earn Tokens on Our Platform

As part of our community, you have various opportunities to earn tokens that you can use to access premium content, send messages, or even convert to REAL MONEY💵🤑💰. Here's how you can start earning today:

Content Creator Program

Do you create engaging videos or albums? Enable monetization on your uploaded content to start earning tokens from views and purchases. Premium content earns At least 10 tokens per purchase!

Earn with Us Program

Participate in various activities to earn tokens:

  • Earn tokens by sending traffic to your content - the more unique views, the more you earn! 1K views = 40 Tokens
  • Upload your avatar and cover for instant 2 Tokens.
  • Receive tokens for every approved comment on videos, albums, and more. 1 Tokens
  • Login daily and engage with the community to increase your activity index and earn tokens.

Token Worth?

Token worth: Each 1000 Tokens is equal to $5 USD.

Rules to upload Videos/Albums

You will be grated 1 Tokens for each Video/Album that gets approved by our Content Review Team.
*Note: In Order to Sucessfully get your Video Approved, these criteras are considered:

  • Video Length: Greater than 10 Seconds
  • Title: Models Name - Short Relavent Sentence about what the Video/Album.
  • Description: "Watch + YOUR TITLE + on HornyFap.com" should be added.
  • Eg:
  • Choose Maximum 1 Model name, if the name does not exist skip it and the Moderators will add it in the future
  • Tags: Relavent Tags should be selected for the Video.

How to do a Payout ?

For Now We will do Payouts via Cryptocurrency (USDT, BTC & Eth). Once you have reached 10,000 Tokens drop a message to "Admin" to initate a payout including your Cryptocurrency Wallet Address. We are in the Process of building a Self-Payout Method, so bare with us.

Start earning now and enjoy the full benefits of our platform! Your balance and options to buy more tokens are always visible once you Log in or Sign up

for any other question contact us!